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Life is stressful, but when you are too busy (or tired) to find time for sexual intimacy, your marriage suffers.

The 7 Days of Sex Challenge provides a fun game-plan for busy couples who would like to reboot their intimacy. It eliminates the stress of figuring out what you need to do for 7 days that will be new and creative to try. While you may try it to jump-start your sex life, you’ll enjoy it for the deeper connection it will foster.

You really HAVE to try new things in your sex life or one of you will get bored. This boredom leads to a variety of ripple effects across other areas of your marriage and life.

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"The 7 Days Of Sex Challenge Is The Map That Will Allow You To Turn Your Marriage Into An Amazing Intimate Experience, This Is One Of The Shortcuts of a Successful Marriage" 

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The 7 Days Of Sex Challenge Will Help You...

  • Rediscover the fun and excitement
  • ​Build a deeper connection with your spouse
  • ​Spice up your sexual intimacy
  • ​Get more from sexual intimacy than you currently experience

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What People Are Saying:
When I first heard about it I was like “are you serious??” 😳 Just sounded like a way for the high desire to “get more sex.” 🤨 I had to try it to believe it! LOL Now it’s hard to tell who is high and who is low. We prefer the 7 day over the 30 day. So much so... we tend to do them once a month! 😂 .... 

This is a good way for us to reconnect again. ❤️

- Martin & Karen S.
There has been some great conversations about making sure there is still romance and pursuit during this sex challenge. Marc and I struggled - It is so nice to be heard and have my husband treat me like he is dating me again. Flowers & a Love Note- tonight bowling and dinner....and Day 5. 

This journey is remarkably extraordinary.  
- Tracy M.
We’re 7/7 and doing great. I always thought my wife and I had good communication but our communication opened up more and more every day of this challenge. I am more thoughtful with my words and using them to express myself more than I usually do. 

This was an amazing way to connect at all levels. 
- Robert C.
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