Just One Day is All You'll Need to...

Shift the Communication in Your Marriage and Live Happier Ever After

Be Open • Honest • Transparent

On-Demand Digital Replay Now Available

Just One Day is All You'll Need to...

Shift the Communication in Your Marriage and Live Happier Ever After

Be Open • Honest • Transparent

On-Demand Digital Replay Now Available




YES! Your Marriage Can Be Better Than It's Ever Been!


 Stop feeling angry and frustrated with your spouse (and avoid having that affect other areas of your life)
 Develop lasting solutions for your marriage that will ensure you can get through anything together
 Restore honesty, openness and transparency with each other so you can live together with love and trust
 Transform the quality of your conversations by using one simple secret (most people do this all wrong)
 No longer fear being able to open up, to trust, and to be vulnerable with your spouse
 Quickly diffuse any argument or eliminate tension with a simple change in your body language


Hosted by Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo

 You and your spouse will walk away with a personalized communication plan guaranteed to help you grow in each of The 6 Pillars of Intimacy.
 Exclusive conference workbook (digital download) to keep all your notes.
 Registration is per couple — not per person!

Attention: Married Couples...

YES! The Couple Communication Conference Is For You

Whether you’re newlyweds or empty nesters, we want you to know that strengthening your communication (and emotional intimacy) is within reach. It doesn’t matter what the two of you have faced in the past, you truly can have deep conversations, express your dreams and desires, and speak life into any situation you face together. Where you are today is just the beginning!
How to identify your unique communication killers and EXACTLY what to do about them.
How your mindset impacts the outcome of your conversations and how knowing this can change everything.
Why being emotionally available is essential to strengthening your pillars of intimacy.
Your awareness of how communication supports all 6 Pillars of Intimacy.
Healthy habits around the tone and timing of your conversations.
Your conflict cycle so that you know how to de-escalate conflict in your marriage.

"Now we are communicating better than ever before because we aren’t just “going through the motions” when we talk. By talking clearly to one another we are having huge breakthroughs in our marriage."

Married 23 Years

3 Steps to Transform Your Marriage in a Single Day

1. Register Now
Click below to register and get the conference on your calendar. It's amazing what happens in a marriage when you have something to look forward to.
2. Prepare for the Day (Maybe Even the Weekend)
Be excited for what will happen during the on-demand conference! You may even want to plan a get away with your spouse for the day, or the entire weekend, as a gift that the two of you give each other. If you can’t get away, have someone watch the kids so that you can be fully present.
3. Transform Your Marriage
This isn't just another clever way to spend part of your morning and afternoon like you would on a “day-date.” No siree, this isn’t some ordinary event. When we are done for the day, you and your partner will have a game plan to carry you into the future. This is why so many couples say that this energetic, fun and easy to attend conference has truly transformed their marriage!

What Makes This Communication Conference Different?

Long before we ever had the idea of hosting The Couple Communication Conference, we were struggling to transform our own marriage. What we learned from our own process changed our lives, and grew into a ministry that has helped thousands of couples.

So you’re not going to get theory, or fluff with us. You’re going to hear exactly what you need to hear to get the results you crave in your relationship. This is literally the easiest way for the two of you to learn new skills that will strengthen your emotional intimacy. So don’t let anything stand in your way. 

Simply be intentional and take action today so that you can have deeper and more fulfilling conversations for the rest of your lovely lives. And believe us, you will not be bored because this isn’t your typical sit and listen all day type of marriage conference.

You’ll see changes right before your eyes, because we’ve built in COUPLE TIME with every session. You and your partner will have time to use the practical steps and put them into action right there, from the comfort of home, during the conference. This is your chance to finally address all those areas of your marriage that you may have put off.

Couple Communication Conference Agenda


Each session will be an On-Demand Digital Replay from Tony and Alisa followed by Couple Time, a practical make-it-real exercise for you to do with your spouse. Come along for this journey as you take your marriage to the next level!
Session 1: The Power of Your Words

Session 2: Communication Killers

Session 3: What You Think About You Bring About

Session 4: The Impact of Tone and Timing

Session 5: Coffee Break

Session 6: The Conflict Cycle

Session 7: Intentional Intimacy

Session 8: Question & Answer

"There was one session in the
ONE Marriage Conference that transformed our marriage, The Coffee Break. It has been something we do each week now and it's the best part of my week."

Married 17 Years

What You Need to Know...

  • When: Any time you're available.
  • ​Conference Duration: 8 sessions including Couple Time after each one.
  • ​Cost: $97 per Couple
  • ​How to Participate: The on-demand virtual marriage conference is available in the ONE Membership. You’ll need an internet connection and the ability to stream audio and video to participate.
  • ​Includes Q&A Session: Q&A session with Tony and Alisa. 

Have questions? Email us or call 858-876-5663


What happens if I can't make it to the conference after I have registered?
If you and/or your spouse are not able to watch immediately that's OK. You will on-demand access to the virtual conference in the ONE Membership. You can watch when the time is best for the two of you. There are no refunds once purchased.

What is Couple Time?
The final portion of each session on the agenda (with the exception of the Coffee Break and Q&A) will include opportunities for you and your spouse to create your own marriage blueprint based on what was discussed in that session.

I know that this is a marriage conference, what if my spouse can't attend or doesn't want to attend, can I come by myself?
We understand that there can be many reasons why you may be attending by yourself and we welcome you. We'd love to have you come and learn the strategies so that you can take them back to your marriage.

We're not married yet is this appropriate for us to attend?
Yes, we have many folks in the ONE Family who know that in the future they want to have an extraordinary marriage. Come and learn the strategies as well as the conversations to have as you head into your future marriage.
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