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How I Turned My Marriage Around

Some stories from other couples in the ONE family..

"Your story resonated so much with my husband, it changed his mind about outside help to mend our marriage. If he didn't find Extraordinary Marriage, we mostly would have separated. Tony sharing his story, helped my husband more than words and I am so thankful! And Alisa, your frankness with compassion is refreshing. 

I listen to the podcasts at least 3 to 4 times a week. Love you guys!"
"...We have gone from the verge of divorce to bliss.Tony and Alisa have helped us to learn how married couples are really supposed to be together. They make you think about all the things you normally wouldn’t think about in a marriage AND what’s most important.

Our lives have changed tremendously for the better in all areas NOT just marriage. We are the closest we have ever been in 23 years and are just getting closer day by day. Thanks guys for being so instrumental in saving our marriage. Don’t ever stop."
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