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This book was written by a couple ( us ) who have experienced the pain of broken trust ( sometimes repeatedly) yet wanted to rebuild and have an extraordinary marriage .

The Trust Factor isn't just some theory on how to trust, it's our story and the things we had to do to rebuild trust in our relationship. This book is the culmination of our own journey and the thousands of hours that we have spent helping marriages through our website, podcast, live events and couple's coaching programs.

Throughout this book, we will share how trust was broken and rebuilt during our 23 years of marriage. We will also share stories from couples who have worked with us and rebuilt trust in their marriage.

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"This book is built on the idea that when you take action, you can change not only your circumstances, but also your feelings"  

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  • You don't have to live in the past
  • ​You don't have to carry the weight of your past mistakes forever
  • ​You do have to commit to making change
  • ​You do have to want to make your marriage better 

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Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo - The Trust Factor Authors

We began One Extraordinary Marriage to help as many couples as possible and since then our books have been best sellers in their category and the One Extraordinary Marriage podcast has been ranked in the Top Marriage Podcast on iTunes for 10 years+.
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By the end of our first decade together the trust in our marriage was all but gone. Marital infidelity, pornography, substance abuse, physical and verbal abuse and more, had all but destroyed us. In spite of all our hardship, we knew deep down we loved each other, and we simply refused to quit. 

 In 2011 I started listening to the One Extraordinary Marriage podcast. It may have been one of the first times in my life that I started hearing the voice of hope, in hearing about your struggles and the stories from other listeners. I began to believe that if I was willing to put in the hard work that we might someday have the marriage we desired.

We have spent the last 8 years rebuilding our marriage and restoring trust. I can say with confidence that because of your podcast and the encouragement and hope it has provided over all these years that my wife and I can truly say we love each other and are happily married. 
- Jeremy & Wendy C.
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